Caffè Nero Menu Prices UK 2018

Caffè Nero Uk LogoCaffè Nero is an international coffee house serving the world with their warm and cold delights since 1990. Ian Semp incepted this brand inspired by a coffee shop in Milan.The South Kensington neighborhood of London saw the first Café Nero shop. The flavor of the coffee, the ambiance, the shop décor was very Italian. In fact, this café popularized the Italian way of drinking coffee while standing. There was no seating arrangement in the shop; very unique for the disciplined locality. Londoners never really patronized coffee. Café Nero is one of those shops who introduced coffee as a regular beverage to the citizens of modern UK.

Caffè Nero Menu Prices UK 2018




Espresso (In) £1.65
Espresso (Out) £1.55
Espresso Macchaito (In) £1.65
Espresso Macchaito (Out) £1.55
Espresso Ribtretto (In) £1.65
Espresso Ribtretto (Out) £1.55
Espresso Con Panna (In) £1.95
Espresso Con Panna (Out) £1.85
Cappuccino (S) (In) £2.05
Cappuccino (R) (In) £2.45
Cappuccino (G) (In) £2.75
Cappuccino (S) (Out) £1.95
Cappuccino (R) (Out) £2.35
Cappuccino (G) (Out) £2.65
Caffe Latte (S) (In) £2.05
Caffe Latte (R) (In) £2.45
Caffe Latte (G) (In) £2.75
Caffe Latte (S) (Out) £1.95
Caffe Latte (R) (Out) £2.35
Caffe Latte (G) (Out) £2.65
Caffe Mocha (S) (In) £2.20
Caffe Mocha (R) (In) £2.60
Caffe Mocha (G) (In) £2.90
Caffe Mocha (S) (Out) £2.10
Caffe Mocha (R) (Out) £2.50
Caffe Mocha (G) (Out) £2.80
Caffe Americano (S) (In) £1.85
Caffe Americano (R) (In) £2.15
Caffe Americano (G) (In) £2.45
Caffe Americano(S) (Out) £1.75
Caffe Americano (R) (Out) £2.05
Caffe Americano (G) (Out) £2.35



Hot Tea (In) £1.90
Hot Tea (Out) £1.80
Hot Chocolate (S) (In) £2.20
Hot Chocolate (R) (In) £2.60
Hot Chocolate (G) (In) £2.90
Hot Chocolate (S) (Out) £2.10
Hot Chocolate (R) (Out) £2.50
Hot Chocolate (G) (Out) £2.80
Hot Chocolate Milano £3.20
Chai Latte £2.95
White Chocolate Mocha £3.30
Caramel Latte £3.30


Frappe Creme £3.65
Frappe Latte Classic £3.30
Frappe Milk Shake £3.30
Fruit Booster £3.30
Iced Latte £2.70
Frappe Latte Mocha £3.45

In 1997, Gerry Ford from Paladin Associates overtook it and opened five outlets in London where they still have their headquarters. Ford acquired financial backing from the equity investment firm called FleetBoston and within few years the size and capacity of the business grew multi-fold. In 1999, they opened their first shop outside London; in Manchester. TodayCaffè Nero Group PLC is one of the three most popular and successful brands along with Starbucks and Costa Coffee. 2001 is another key year when this Italian style coffee shop was opened in London stock exchange. In 2002, Aroma Ltd was merged with the business. Today, it owns more than 700 branches or outlets in countries like United Kingdom, United States, UAE, Ireland, Poland, Cyprus and Turkey. As time progressed, Gerry switched from that ‘drink your coffee while you stand’ mode of the early Café Nero shops. He decorated his outlets based on the type of customers it serves mostly. Posh locations, ambiance suitable for the mood of the neighborhood, the reasonable prices, live music to go with your coffee, free Wi-Fi is some of the other attractions to this eatery.

The name Caffe Nero itself brings warmth in a cold evening since it means black coffee. This coffee shop chain has been appreciated by Allegra Strategies to sell one of the best quality coffee. Arabica and Robusta are the coffee flavours that are mostly being used here in different blends. They have other house blends like Café Nero Classico.

This European style coffee shop chain specializes on a variety of beverage. But they are unique and perfect in making a brewing cup of espresso coffee. It is available in four varieties like Cappucino, Ristretto, Macchiato and Americano. They produce a range of smooth and tempting frappe lattes also like Frappe Milkshake, Iced Latte, Mocha Frappe Latte. They make teas and special drinks too. Of course they sell some afternoon or evening munchies to go with your coffee. Café Nero’s Panini, Pesto chicken, and vine tomato, Pastries, muffins and brownies are claimed to be one of the best in entire United Kingdom. Soups and salad, porridge, cakes, biscuits, desserts and sandwiches can also be enjoyed in this classy food outlet.

Café Nero serves a variety of coffee like Espresso, Espresso Macchaito, Espresso Cappuccino,Espresso Ristretto, Espresso Con Panna,Caffe Americano and Cappuccino. Café Nero prices for these flavours are exclusive. You can get a regular or small or a large cup of coffee. The price varies between £1.55 from £2.75.Café Nero price for Café Latte vary between £1.95 from £2.75.Café Nero prices for Café Mocca vary between £2.10 from £2.80.

Following are Café Nero prices for Special Drinks that are served cold or with ice:

  • Frappe Latte Classic: This smooth sweet blend is priced only at £3.30.
  • Frappe Milk Shake: You can have a glass of chilled milk with some wonderful flavours. This item is also priced at £3.30.
  • Frappe Crème: This drink has a price tag of £3.65 only.
  • Frappe Latte Mocha: You can enjoy this tasteful beverage at only £3.45.
  • Iced Latte: You can keep it simple with a glass of this beverage. The price is only £2.70.
  • Fruit Booster: If you need to energize with that punch of fruit then order this item from the menu card. The price is only £3.30.

Following are Café Nero menu prices for other beverages besides coffee which they serve hot:

  • Chai Latte: you can enjoy this drink at a price of £2.95. This is basically tea with milk and sugar. This beverage is best enjoyed in early evening when you need that booster to keep you up and going.
  • Hot Tea (In): this is usually black tea which you normally drink during breakfast. The price is incredibly reasonable. It is £1.90 only.
  • Hot Tea (Out): the price is £1.90 only.
  • Herbal tea: Different varieties are available. The price tags are £1.65, £1.85 and £2.05.
  • Caramel Latte: Enjoy this lip smacking beverage happily at a price of £3.30 only.

Café Nero has evolved into an international brand name. It depicts class and elegance of modern Europe. Italian in essence, this coffee house gives you the best quality coffee and beverages. You can also buy several associated coffee accessories like coffee cups, mugs, barista kits and even coffee beans here. Please check out at their official website for further details.

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